Pharmacy Provider Manual


  • Specialty packaging                                                                                        
  • Specialty medications
  • Free Delivery
  • Refill reminder calls
  • Individualized care


We accept:  Most private insurances



                        Other Federal, State & Local Government Plans

To file a complaint:

  • Call the pharmacy to report a complaint or report in person
  • Send a message through the website ‘contact us’ tab at
  • Contact the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy at (615) 741-2718
  • Contact the Kentucky board of Pharmacy at (502) 564-7910
  • Contact URAC at (202) 216-9010
  • Contact ACHC at (855) 937-2242

Health and Safety Information

  • Patient Rights and Responsibilities can be obtained at the pharmacy or from our website at
  • New Prescriptions will be accompanied with patient information about the drug; if you need additional information regarding the medication, the various resources available in the pharmacy will be used
  • If a drug recall occurs and you have received the drug you will be notified of the recall, asked if they still have any of the medication, asked to stop taking it if still in your possession, and follow the instructions of the agency recalling the drug
  • Drugs should be disposed of properly; drugs can be taken to drug drop off locations when such events occur in their respective city; drugs can be mixed with coffee grounds and bagged up and put in the trash; drugs should not be flushed
  • If you experience an adverse drug reaction, please notify your provider and / or pharmacy of the reaction by calling them
  • Drugs will not be substituted without the written consent of the prescriber


         Pharmacy Access Information:

  • Patients can interact with NPS Pharmacy via phone, in person, and through the internet
  • If requested medications cannot be dispensed, a pharmacy staff person will work to find a pharmacy that has access to the medication that is needed.  The staff person will notify the customer of the location and transfer the prescription there if applicable
  • Refills can be called in or requested through the website at
  • A pharmacy care coordinator will contact the patient a few days before a refill is due
  • Refill requests will be filled same day or the next day so long as the pharmacy has a clean prescription
  • In the event of an emergency, call the main pharmacy phone number
  • A pharmacist is available 24/7 by simply calling the main pharmacy phone number
  • To access consumer advocacy support, please refer to the members plan
  • To inquire about order status, simply call the pharmacy or inquire through the website at and use the contact tab
  • If a product is delayed, the pharmacy staff will contact the customer of the delay
  • If there is a drug substitution of a prescription, the prescriber will have approved the substitution; the pharmacy staff will notify the customer of the substituted product
  • If a prescription cannot be refilled due to limitations by the benefit design, such as refill too early, the staff will communicate with the patient to let them know.


  Financial Information:

  • You will be Informed of any financial responsibilities
  • Most often the pharmacy only has access to the current co-pay amount



For downloadable copy: PM Rights & Responsibilities.doc

Last Updated: 11/6/2018