More About Us

We strive daily to build relationships and trust with each and every customer. It is through those relationships that we learn the unique needs of each customer and custom design our pharmacy services to best benefit each customer. At NPS Pharmacy, we have learned that one size does not fit all. Therefore, we tailor a plan specially for you. From specialty packaging to home delivery, all of our services are free of charge. We strive to make filling and getting your prescriptions as easy as possible.

Our Story

NPS Pharmacy was opened in January of 2001 by owner pharmacist Kevin Hartman. Kevin literally grew up in the pharmacy business. Kevin's father owned a retail pharmacy in Nashville from the late 70's to the late 90's. It was in his father's pharmacy that Kevin learned how to take care of people and learned how to take care of people's pharmacy needs. Kevin worked in his father's pharmacy until it was sold in the late 90's to CVS.

Kevin worked for CVS and later Eckerd Drugs from the late 90's until November of 2000, when he made the decision to open his own pharmacy. Kevin felt that there was an unmet need for a pharmacy in our community that could offer things that the large chain pharmacies could not offer, things that could help improve the health and lives of the customers that it would serve. Kevin'd idea was to have a pharmacy that would work in partnership with its customers to design a set of services that would best meet each customer's needs.

That model is still the model that NPS Pharmacy uses today. At NPS Pharmacy, excellence in customer service and meeting our customer's needs have always been and remain to be our top priority.

At NPS Pharmacy, we'll be your home town pharmacy no matter where your home is!

Last Updated: 12/17/2015